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Role of Family for Child’s Positive Psychology

Family is the best school for learning moral and social values to make them out the difference between factual and immoral or good and bad conduct toward others. Parents, siblings, and other close family members are usually indispensable in its development because they are the major social contacts during a person’s infantile and puberty. Teaching moral principles and setting a good example to facilitate the kid’s moral progression.

Regarding children’s moral foundation, no external stimulus is greater than that of the family. Through forfeit, strengthening, and both direct and indirect instruction, family members can instill moral-ethical values in children, and help them to cultivate beliefs that reflect the values of their culture. But unfortunately, it’s true that nowadays, many parents don’t take the responsibility to train their children to be moral and modest in life. Consequently, we are experiencing several unexpected and shameful events of rape and murder in recent times in Bangladesh. These events are completely disgraceful for our nation’s upholding before the world.

Eons after Eons, many innovations came out, the appeal of individuals reformed agreeing to the quasi-necessities, but one significant matter didn’t yet change; that is the sensitivity towards women who are still edged through the lenses of male-controlled civilization even in this rapidly growing post-modern world. Some consider it as an instinct, some supernatural approach. Is it so? Yes, of course; all women are goddesses. So, the instinct must work whether it is natural or supernatural. But the enigma is how we consider girls, especially from the male perspectives in the current context of the world. Why we forget that women are mothers. The moral degradation has come to its peak. Ours is a country of civilized culture and an enriched tradition. But we cannot utilize our youth properly. The youth society is now out of control. And it happens so because most of the parents don’t take care of them during their childhood and early adolescence. Consequently, we find negative news about different inhumane crimes.

To control all unfortunate and disgraceful incidents, the family should take the first and foremost liability. The parents should teach their children moral, religious, and humanitarian psychology from early childhood. A child should have due respect to the females just after its birth. It should be grown up with a positive mind to all the women before coming out of the womb. The parents and siblings must play the active role of being the visible good angel for a child who will make it learn the positive aspects of life to be modest, to study, to respect, to be humanitarian, and to love.

We should possess a loving attitude towards all human beings, particularly to the goddesses who care for us, feed us, rear us up, love us, and make us grow up. The mother resides in every girl. So, sensibly and firstly, we the males should have the self-control and considerable manner towards the female for a peaceful society.

(Partially published in The Daily Next News, 2020, Print.)

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