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The World may U-turn!

Today’s earth has taken a million years to be shaped. It had been filled with big volcanoes with lots of dreadful furnaces which have been fired almost every day with its vehement fury and flame. It was full of mystery, even it remains today. No Big bang theory or other discoveries can unfold the mystery of this mystic world. It has been a secret as it was millions of years ago. When the volcanoes made the lands by a great revolution, the most needed element of life ‘Water’ appears to have a great cycle with no end. Gradually plants and animals stepped first into this world. Oxygen created the scope to have life. Water keeps its cycle active by turns. The water cycle is the process of constant renewal. Waterfalls, water vapors, clouds, rains, springs, rivers, seas, oceans, and finally the glaciers- the cycle is never broken. There is always the same quantity of water on earth that transforming the shape only. That means water, one of the most astonishing matters, supports to have life on earth.

The earth is a miracle while life remains a mystery. Besides trees grow, different birds and animals started being created. They find trees and plants to remove their hunger. The mystery begins with a new story ahead. The world is perfect with a perfect balance. Every species has its role with uniqueness. None is futile or harmful- the all balance out. Somehow, we, the Homo-sapiens come to the world and being the wise animal of the world.

The story turns out to be an end. We benefit fabulously. We are only around two hundred thousand years old but we just changed the face of the four billion years old face of the world. We have taken possession of every habitat and conquer a lot of territory like no other species before us. Within 180 thousand years the human set, they took control over other animals. The human was no longer dependent on hunting for survival. They learned fishing, cultivating, and playing. There were land, water, and life combined.

Gradually the human had been civilized day by day. They started to build everything they want. They did not have a single look on the earth whether they harm its environment or not. Over the period’s lands and deserts became full of human houses. People started to harm their environment where they lead their lives. The high buildings, atomic energy, or emitting of carbon have already become the major attacking issues for the earth. Human has become a threat to the world’s existence. The water is becoming polluted and unusable. Dissolve the Oxygen level due to urban settings. Climate change or global warming is destroying the regular ecosystem. The environment is now highly polluted due to overpopulation. The big cities may vanish at any time. Few small countries like Bangladesh and Maldives may march with the sea as the ice-caps are melting vehemently and the sea level is increasing every single moment.

Thus, the world is becoming unable to bear our burden anymore as we are destroying it with our own hands. It is high time to be conscious to save the earth as well as human civilization. Otherwise, the world may turnaround once again that had happened about four billion years ago. Springs, trees, green lands, and beauty will no longer remain in the next chapter. So the world’s existence is now in dreadful fear and the end session is almost a closer phenomenon.

(First published in The Daily Postman, 2015, Print.)

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